We aim at reconciling environmental and economic sustainability

Who we are

BlueFarm is a spin-off company of Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Italy. Our mission is supporting the sustainable development of aquaculture. Our science based tools implements innovative solutions for both farmers and public agencies

Blue Growth

Precision aquaculture

Integrated, circular systems

Digital innovation

Information and Communication Technology

Environmental Sustainability

Animal welfare

Our vision

Living in harmony with life on Earth.

What we do

We provide consultancies, tools and services to aquafarms and public agencies, involved in aquaculture governance and monitoring.

Why we do it

We believe that aquaculture will play a key role in the human food basket, providing sustainable food to next generations and contributing to the social and economic development: we are contributing to achieve these goals.

Our mission

Contributing to innovation in aquaculture, by providing decision support tools based on precision acquaculture principles and best practices.

Why us?

As a start-up of Ca' Foscari University, we provide science-based solutions, based on state-of-the-art knowledge and best practices.
We know the specific issues which could restrain the development of aquaculture activities
We have the capacity of developing innovative tools (see our track record)

Our services

Our services are based on a large portfolio of simulation models for:

  • Optimizing site-selection of new aquafarms;
  • predicting fish and shellfish growth in relation to external variables and husbandry practices;
  • simulating the interactions between a aquafarm and the surrounding environment;
  • suggesting control actions, aimed at mitigating risks and optimizing husbandry practices.

Our tools were tested in international projects.
Our model portfolio is focused on Mediterranean aquaculture:

  • Long-line mussel farming;
  • Clam farming;
  • Oyster farming;
  • Seabass and seabream cage culture;
  • Land-based rainbow trout.

BlueFarm Associates

Roberto Pastres

PhD, Ecology Professor at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Italy, Chief Scientific Officer. Has been developing modelling tools for sustainable aquaculture in the last twenty years.

More Information

At present, is coordinating the EU H2020 project GAIN, Green Aquaculture INtensification in Europe.
Professor at Ca’ Foscari University since 2000, his research activity concerns the development of ecological models for simulating the dynamic of marine ecosystems. Within this framework, he has thoroughly investigated the interactions among aquaculture and environment. He participated to several projects funded by the European Union concerning sustainable aquaculture, such as FP6 “ECASA” and “SPICOSA”, FP7 “Euroshell” and “FORCE”, H2020 “AquaSpace”., He coordinated the EU FP7 project “MEDINA”.

Prof. Daniele Brigolin

Daniele Brigolin, PhD Environmental Sciences – founding partner of Bluefarm, is currently associate professor in Ecology at the IUAV University of Venice, degree course in Urban Planning and Territorial Planning.

More Information

Besides aquaculture, his main research interests concern biogeochemical processes in benthic environments and the study of food webs. He took part in numerical modelling activities for the quantification of interactions between aquaculture and the marine environment, carried out within the framework of several European projects. More recently, he has contributed to research projects concerning the management of maritime space and Natura 2000 sites.