Your Virtual Farm – YVF


This service includes a set of tools which will allow you to build up your “virtual farm”, i.e. to simulate the processes within the farm and its interactions with the surrounding environment on a daily basis.

YVF is made up of different modules which simulates:
–   the biomass yield;
–   the amount of organic waste produced daily;
–   the dispersion of organic waste in the surrounding (for cage farms and shellfish).

Through this service, you will be able to optimize the quantity and type of feed, to control the growth rate, and to increase the efficiency and efficacy of your husbandry practices.

YVF tools have been developed and tested in several scientific projects.
They have been already applied to Seabream/seabass cage farming in coastal areas and transition ecosystems, to Long-line mussel farming, and are currently being tested on trout farming in land based systems. Application to other species and conditions can be considered.

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