Ecological Modelling & Data Analysis


The sustainable management of coastal and marine ecosystems requires a thorough understanding of their dynamics, in order to predict their evolution under different scenarios of pressure, taking into account the role of non-manageable drivers. For example, excessive loads of Nitrogen and Phosphorus can cause the eutrophication of water bodies, with unpleasant consequences on ecosystems and human activities, such as fishery, aquaculture and tourism. Mathematical models offer a sound and cost-effective way of predicting the effects of changes in pressures, for example in Nitrogen and Phosphorus loads, thus giving the possibility of assessing the consequences of management actions.

To this regard, we can set up:
–   Biogeochemical models
–   Food-web models
–   Bioaccumulation models
based on state-of-the art scientific literature.

We can also support regulators in designing cost-effective, fit for purpose programmes for the monitoring of coastal and marine ecosystem status and in post-processing the data collected data set, in order to extract information useful for ecosystem management.

Bluefarm is committed to use open source  software packages, such as Octave and R, in order to guarantee complete control of the models and transparency in the results.

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