Healthy Waters


Satellite data can provide a wealth of information concerning water quality parameters including: Water Temperature, Turbidity, Chlorophyll a, Suspended Solid, Coloured Dissolved Organic Matter, salinity. All together these parameters provide a good picture of water quality status at farming sites and, after proper treatment, provide also information on the potential growth rate of fish and shellfish in given environmental condition.

Satellite data are presently being regularly collected by the European Space Agency and made available to end users. Bluefarm can process these data and use them for a continuous assessment of water quality at farming sites, providing also short term predictions of shellfish (Mediterranean mussel, Manila clam, etc …) ,  and finfish  (sea bass, sea bream) growth rate.

In areas vulnerable to disruptive phenomena, such as anoxic crisis or Harmful Algal Blooms occurrence, we can also provide an estimation of the risk of occurrence of such events.

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