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Mussmod-PY is a software that computes mussels growth simulations using EO data.                                                            Read more…



Life cycle assessment (LCA) allows to analyse the impact of a product along the different phases of its life cycle, from materials extraction up to production, transport, use and disposal. Well established eco-design instrument, LCA can be used for a range of purposes, from conservation of natural resources, up to the  improvement of the performace of private companies, including the amelioration of their image. Life Cycle Costing analysis (LCC) is a methodology focusing on the costs of a product along its production cycle, taking into account costs of production, installation, and subsequent disposal. Application of  LCA and LCC in aquaculture allows to focus on the pros and cons of the production cycle and design its optimization. LCA is also a mandatory step for the companies who want to certify the sustainability of their product, with certifications such as  GLOBALG.A.P. e Friend of the Sea.



Aquaponics can be defined as the union between aquaculture and hydroponics, were plants are grown without the use of soil, and just using nutrient enriched waters. In the case of aquaponics, these nutrients come from the reared fish by-products. In recent years aquaponics attracted the interest of farmers, fish farmers and investors, interested in green agriculture. Bluefarm s.r.l. supports people interested in aquaponics providing the knowledge required to set up a system.


FEAMP / EMFF – European Maritime and Fishery Fund 
New FEAMP / EMFF calls published by Italian Regions.
Improved production processes, innovation, sustainable fishery and aquacolture, reduced environmental impact. These are some of the themes supported by FEAMP / EMFF, where BlueFarm can support Fishery and Aquacolture companies in preparing and implementing their projects! 

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Your Virtual Farm – YVF
We believe that Information and Communication Technologies are the key to a successful aquaculture business. Your Virtual Farm (YVF) is a customized service which will provide you a powerful tool for optimizing your husbandry practices, reducing wastes and costs, and keeping under control the environmental impact of your farm.

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Communication and education
We provide our knowledge for the organization / implementation of communication and education events on environment, sustainability, aquaculture and ecology.


Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of aquafarm
Aquaculture, as all other food producing sectors, has an impact on the environment, which should not exceed prescribed thresholds. This service provides a set of indicators of environmental impact of fish farms, both land-based and off-shore. Indicators are computed via simulation models and, therefore, allow one to test different scenarios of stocking density and husbandry practices.

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Healthy Waters
Consumers want healthy sea-food and good water quality is key to its production. This service provides weekly data on the water quality at your farm, based on the processing of satellite data. The service can be provided for off-shore shellfish and finfish farms located at a distance of 2 km from the coast.

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Ecological Modelling & Data Analysis
Bluefarm expertise go beyond aquaculture: we master a set of tools for investigating the dynamics of aquatic ecosystems, setting up cost-effective monitoring strategy, predicting their evolution, in relation to scenarios of local pressures and global drivers.

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